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Science with a view.

From the microscopic world to the farthest reaches of space, communicate your science with animation and design.

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Graphical Abstracts, Journal Covers 

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2D/3D Animation,

Motion Graphics

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Data Visualization


Educational Posters

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Product Design

UI Design, UX Design, Brand Strategy


Illustration | Info Visualization

Despite the widespread awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people still don't understand how it affects you. This infographic 

addresses this gap.

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The Science Behind COVID-19

Animation | 3D Modelling

This graduate thesis project is a 3D animation about cutting-edge research on a childhood brain cancer with an emphasis on effective visual communication.

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Illuminating Medulloblastoma

Illustration | 3D Modelling

An editorial spread that visually represents how mutations in protein p53, known as the guardian of the genome, can lead to an increased risk of cancer.

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The Cancer Paradox

Illustration | Data Visualization

Hundreds of lines of data from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory compressed into one poster in order to educate others about planetary satellites.

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Planetary Satellites

Animation | Illustration

A 2D science-explainer that highlights a novel surgical technique that can be used to treat patients with peripheral nerve injuries.

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Rethinking Nerve Therapy

Animation | 3D Modelling | Illustration

This mock cover design for Nature Magazine highlights modern research on the microbiome gut-brain axis that reveals how the gut can communicate with the brain.

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More than a Gut

Illustration | Info Visualization

View a collection of various didactic biomedical illustrations that I have created over the years that provide insight into complex scientific processes.

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Scientific Storytelling

Brand Strategy | Graphic Design

As a new conference on neuroscience, NeuGeneration needed a strong brand to capture the attention of a multidisciplinary audience and to attract sponsors.

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Illustration | Info Visualization

Online education is more popular than ever. Didactic, interactive media can elevate digital lectures by improving

student engagement and memory retention.

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Online Health Education

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