Hi, I'm Avesta! 

I'm a designeranimator, and biomedical communicator.

I use creative problem-solving and visual storytelling to create highly accurate, informative, and innovative designs for education, research, and healthcare.

Featured Work

I am a freelance scientific designer and animator from rainy Vancouver, currently living in the urban jungle of Toronto. I love taking complex science, simplifying it in a way that is understandable, and communicating it visually to a target audience. It's been said that "science is not finished until it’s communicated," and I couldn't agree more.


You can find my work published in high-impact journals including Nature, Cell, and JAMA. I was professionally trained at the Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) program at the University of Toronto – one of four accredited programs in North America that teaches medical illustration. Previously, I earned my BSc (Hons) in Life Sciences at Queen's University with a minor in World Language Studies. 

When I'm not knee-deep in sciency-art stuff, you can find me rock-climbing, abstract-painting, attempting astrophotography, or attending too many concerts. I love a good challenge, so don't hesitate to contact me with any project requests or questions!

Media & Press

Interviews & Speaking

  1. PreparationTech Interview: Communicating Complex Science

  2. The Art and Science of Data Visualization | LiveAI (2020)

  3. Effective Academic Poster Design | University of Toronto (2020)

  4. Intro to Science Visualization using Adobe Illustrator | University of Toronto (2019)

Select Recognition

  1. Top Talent - Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2019)

  2. Award of Merit - Association of Medical Illustrators (2019)

  3. Stephen Gilbert Award for excellence in biomedical visualization - University of Toronto, Biomedical Communications Program (2018)

  4. Ontario Graduate Scholarship for academic achievement and research potential - University of Toronto (2018)







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