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Hi, I'm Azuravesta! 

But you can call me Avesta.

I'm a designeranimator, and biomedical communicator.

I use creative problem-solving and visual storytelling to create highly accurate, informative, and innovative designs for education, research, and healthcare.

Through my work, I aim to reveal the beauty of nature and inner-workings of the human body in a way that not only educates, but also provokes deeper thought and inspires people to stay curious.

I am a recent graduate from the Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) program at the University of Toronto and previously earned my BSc in Life Sciences with a minor in World Languages at Queen's University. 

For my Master’s Research Project, I developed an educational 3D animation for the Hospital for Sick Children about novel research on medulloblastoma, the most common childhood brain cancer.


I am always looking for new and exciting challenges, so do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or project requests. Music recommendations are also encouraged!

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Creative Process







Thorough research is conducted  in order to maintain scientific accuracy

Rough sketches, mockups, and wireframes help determine the best way to tell your story

Colour, shape, and motion bring your story to life and the tangible product takes shape

After all parties involved are happy with the product, the files are transferred to the client

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