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Online Health Education

Online education poses many benefits, yet it lacks the human connection. To overcome this, digital lectures need high-quality visuals and interactive elements to engage the audience.

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Create didactic scientific and anatomical images to augment online lectures and increase audience engagement

In 2016, Queen's University implemented the fully-online Bachelor of Health Sciences program that allows people without access to a university (ie. lacking funds, geographic location, etc.) to get a degree. In its second year, I joined as a Medical Illustrator; during this role I experienced first-hand how digital solutions can solve real-world problems. I developed didactic images and designs for a variety of courses. These images were used in online interactive modules to facilitate learning. Being the first designer on the team with a degree in the sciences allowed an increase in communication efficiency and production time—showing the value of a biomedical communicator.

Client: Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen's University

Format: 2D vector illustrations, digital media

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


ANAT 100: Anatomy of the Human Body

MICR 270: Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation

MICR 271: Introduction to Microbiology

MICR 380: Microbes in Health and Disease