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Journey Through the Inner Ear

Dive deep into the inner ear to explore the intricate hair cells within the Organ of Corti that vibrate in response to sound, allowing us to detect noise in the world around us.


Model and animate a complex molecular subject in 3D while maintaining scientific accuracy

Until this point, animation was like some foreign language that I did not yet understand. This was my first time experimenting with 3D animation software and boy, was it a learning curve. I decided to depict the inner ear due to its interesting structure; I thought it would be a good challenge to familiarize myself with 3D modelling. As a music lover, I was also fascinated by the hair cells within the inner ear that detect sound; hence, I decided to make a two-part animation that reveals both the outer and inner structures of the inner ear.

Client: Prof. Nick Woolridge, University of Toronto

Format: Animation, 3D Modelling

Software: ZBrush, Cinema 4D, AfterEffects



Avesta Rastan - Inner Ear - Organ of Cor