Venous Bypass from the Basilic Vein to the Internal Jugular Vein


Medium: Illustrator CC, Procreate, pen and ink

Date of Completion: April 2018

Client: Dr. Luis Figueroa, Prof. Michael Corrin

About: The surgical illustration sequence is intended for use in a surgical atlas of vascular surgery. While observing Dr. Figueroa perform the surgery in the OR, rough sketches and notes were made to summarize the procedure and record the instruments used. The sketches were later refined into better-developed pencil drawings which were reviewed by Dr. Figueroa to ensure anatomical and surgical accuracy. Further edits and digital rendering was done in an iterative manner, continually refining the work and ensuring all components reflected the surgical procedure as accurately and effectively as possible. Once the images and script were complete, the sequence was laid out and pages 7 and 8 were rendered with pen and ink in order to practice new traditional techniques.