Drop Vertical Jump Assessments


Medium: Illustrator CC, Procreate

Date of Completion: January 2018

Supervisors: Prof. Michael Corrin, Dr. Tyson Beach

About: This design was created to be a one-page spread in a magazine for physical therapists and health professionals. It illustrates how to perform a drop vertical jump assessment correctly and how to guide the athlete through the protocol and assess their risk for ACL injury based on their landing. ACL injuries are very common, especially in female athletes, hence it is important to carry out screening tests such as drop vertical jump assessments in order to minimize their risk of injury. I worked with Dr. Tyson Beach, a kinesiology professor at the University of Toronto, in an iterative manner to ensure I was correctly depicting structures throughout the illustration process. Original sketch was created in Procreate and then developed in Illustrator. 

Process Work